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What is

my approach?

I believe that by creating a perfect balance of quality foods, exercise and positive thoughts will make you healthier.
By finding your own bio-identity and how to serve it best, you will experience a new vitality.  
I will help you create a balance of quality foods, movement and affirmative thinking guiding you to perfect HEALTH!

If you are looking for a healthier, happier and balanced life, I will provide all the tools, shopping tips, preparation and support you need to achieve your goals. 

Whether you seek to increase your overall energy, decrease fatigue, attain optimal weight, dramatically improve your health, or simply learn how to enjoy life at its fullest, the good news it that I can help you toward realizing all of these goals and so much more!

Besides my certification as an Integrated Nutritionist and Holistic Health coach and counselor, I have mastered the disciplines of vitamin supplementation, herbs, food allergies, organic foods, and optimal nutrition.

My professional knowledge and life experiences will help me guide you to accomplish your goals to live a healthier life.

Tropical Fruits

The core 

of what

I teach...


"I have created an Integrated Healthy Life "plate"  that consists in: 
A food "pyramid", adapted from the USDA to fit our nutrition philosophy that consist in: eating  more high quality vegetables and fruits, complex carbohydrates and protein and less milk, meat, sugar, and chemical-filled junk food.


A surrounding Primary Food -Green- Circle  that  is vital to creating and sustaining physical and mental health.
Primary Food is more than what is on your plate and includes: healthy relationships, regular physical activity,

a desirable career and a spiritual practice to fill our souls and satisfy our hunger for life."  -Judy

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