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"If there is someone that can change your life, that is Judy.
She is that kind of person that when you cross paths with her she will touch you in a special way.
Her experience, love for life, caring spirit, knowledge, honesty and clear spirit will inspire you to be the best you can be. Her cheerful spirit is contagious and will spark a light of joy on you that will make you think about what is important in life. Her life counseling approach is not an usual life counseling approach. She takes in consideration everything about you, from your heritage to your joys and worries in life, your eating habits, your stage in life... to create a plan that work just for you, because each of us are unique."
                                                                                                                 E. D. M (Client)
Orange Blossom
Judy Templeton is a certified Integrated Nutritionist and Holistic Health and Wellness coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, New York.

She has been in the health field for 46 years as a fitness and dance instructor, personal trainer, recreation coordinator and hostess of radio and television Shows in Health and Fitness.
She has facilitated the New Mom’s Support Group for the Howard County General Hospital for 16 years and teaches nutrition and healthful lifestyle changes to postpartum Mothers.  

Judy’s journey in the healing arts evolved from her role as a teacher and student of the performing arts and has been inspired by her desire to lead an extraordinary life. This was further enriched by her determination to create vibrant health for her daughter.
She has mastered the disciplines of vitamin supplementation, herbs, dealing with food allergies, organic foods and optimal nutrition. She loves to inspire, coach, and teach healthy habits.
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