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One conversation
can change
your life!
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"By having a conversation with you, I will be able to help you reveal your health potential and to guide you through the process to discover the foods and lifestyle that nourish your body and your soul, giving you a balanced life and a new understanding of living." 

Judy Templeton

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Zen Stones
My vision is to empower clients to implement lasting change through body, mind and spirit to impact their families, friends, communities and the world! 
Extraordinary health is contagious...
Spread it!
My mission is to guide, inspire and educate clients to practice healthier habits; improve energy, create balance for overall health to live zestful and vibrant lives.
Healthy Fruit Yogurt
"The potential​ for good health and wellbeing 
resides within you. No matter who you are. 
And it's been there since you were born.
That is what we call the wisdom of your own body."
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